Friday, 28 August 2009

ADB Drivers (HTC Magic USB) for Linux

Using Ubuntu Linux, I was trying to root my HTC Magic (Sapphire). Unfortunately, running ./adb devices returned no devices.
Solution was to run ./adb kill-server and then ./adb devices as root (sudo -s).


Kukuri said...

I've been looking for this command for 2 weeks now. cheers mate!

Fred said...

Oh God! You're genius!!!

jzraikes said...
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jzraikes said...

I tried this, but I get:
"./adb: ./adb: cannot execute binary file"
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

David said...

chmod +x ./adb
I don't have a terminal in front of me at the moment, so I can't give you much more information. But you could try googling 'cannot execute binary file' which might give you some info.



Lisset said...

even with this it doesn't work, any idea??

David said...

So, you're saying that after running chmod +x on your adb file, it's still not executing? If you post the output from your command line I might be able to see what's happening and give you some suggestions.