Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Typing speed

According to Facebook typing speed app, I'm "blazing fast" at 92wpm. Now you might ask - "what accurary?" The answer to that particular question might also surprise you. But then again - maybe it won't. 100% accuracy at 92wpm is not particularly impressive for an every-day internet user. But according to this same app, I'm faster than 96% of Facebook. That's quite a large segment of the population, even if you remember that the user had to install the app to be rated in the listings, and therefore the percentage rank.


Anonymous said...

fuck you dude! i only get like 83

Typing Speed said...

my typing speed is 23 words per min, how can i improve my typing speed test

David said...

Try typing as much as possible, and avoiding looking at the keys as your typing. Basically the more you practice, the faster you should become.