Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bidazzled - entertainment auctions (with a charitable background)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I heard about yet another online marketplace, amongst the plethora already available online (the most popular being Ebay). But this marketplace is different - 70% of the profits go to charity.

Bidazzled was launched in early November, and has already gained quite a following. This site is classed as Penny Auction or Pay-per-bid, where bids are purchased in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. This is very different from Ebay, where bids are free and you only pay if you win the item. Every time somebody bids with some of their pre-bought credit, the price goes up by a few cents, and a few seconds are added to the countdown clock to allow other people to bid.

An interesting feature is that if you don't "win" the action, you still have the opportunity to buy the item, minus the investment you made in it. So basically, you can't lose! Most of the time, people will save 80% off the retail price of an item. In the early days of this site, some people were even buying Nintendo Wiis for only a few cents!

Bids cost $1 at Bidazzled, and can be bought in packs from $25. I have an exclusive offer though for readers of this blog - 15 bonus bids, if you redeem this offer before 15th January 2010. Just enter the following code when signing up - no obligation!


Bidazzled also has a pretty good referral program. If:
*A refers B. A receives 5 Bonus Bids
*B refers C. A receives 4 Bonus Bids
*C refers D. A receives 3 Bonus Bids
*D refers E. A receives 2 Bonus Bids
*E refers F. A receives 1 Bonus Bid.

I suggest you check out Bidazzled - it just might be the thing for you. It's certainly worth a look - and remember, the profits are used to fund a charity, so if you spend too much - it's all in a good cause! =)

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