Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hyundai moves toward "greener" cars

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Hyundai have just won the Global Green Challenge for energy-effecient cars. Personally, I had heard of Hyundai before but had never associated them with green cars. However, their latest model the new Hyundai Santa Fe, has just done a test from Darwin to Adelaide and came out with some pretty impressive fuel efficiency stats.
According to their website:
The Challenge includes two demanding urban loops and covers a total distance of 3,147 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide. At the finish line in Adelaide’s CBD, after seven days of intense competition, the new Santa Fe R diesel had consumed a total of just 160.46 litres of diesel fuel and achieved a low 137.67 grams of CO2 per kilometre.
Apparently this car can get up to 1,200km on a single tank. With all the climate change & global warming talks (such as those at Copenhagen recently), cars like this are really what people will be looking for in the upcoming months and years. We want something lean, grean, fuel effecient and with low CO2 emissions. And it looks like Hyundai have just become the global, or at least-Australia-wide leaders in this field.

The Santa Fe R Diesel also has a few other impressive-looking features:

  • GreenR - 27% more power and 7% less CO2 emissions*
    *ADR 81/02 static laboratory urban cycle test for manual
  • SmartR - with push button start and safe reverse technology
  • LongR - up to 1,200km on a single tank
  • SafeR - 5 star ANCAP safety with rollover sensors*
    *5 star ANCAP applies to all Santa Fe variants built from October 2009
  • StrongR - 27% more power and 10% less fuel consumption*
    *ADR 81/02 static laboratory urban cycle test for manual
As you can see, 'R' seems to be the keyword here, implying that this care is only the start, as they get 'bett-R'. If we keep seeing increases in the 10% range we're going to get very fast, very efficient cars very soon.

CarsGuide have a good overview of the Global Green Challenge on their website. Also checkout the Hyundai website for more info on their energy-effecient cars.

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