Thursday, 7 April 2011

Google AdMob Earnings Checker (Chrome Extension)

Earlier this week I wrote up my first Chrome extension - the AdMob Earnings Checker. It's really easy to build extensions for Chrome - basically just stick a bunch of HTML and Javascript in a zipped folder, upload it and you're done. It took me less than an hour to build this guy (taking reference from a similar extension for AdSense).

The hardest part was actually decoding the AdMob page with the JQuery parser - take a look at the source of your AdMob sites page and you'll see what I mean. Not valid HTML by any means. I had to manually strip some tags in order to get JQuery to accept it as pseudo-html. Once I got over that difficulty though, it was pretty straight forward.

So if you develop Android apps, or operate any kind of mobile website using Google's advertising services, you might like to check out the extension. Any feedback would be appreciated!


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