Sunday, 16 September 2007

AMD Releases 900+ Pages Of ATI GPU Specifications

I know this is old news for some of you (3 days old Digg front page news), but I think it's very important to notice if you want to follow Linux's commercial progression. Below is an excerpt from the Digg news release:"AMD has started to release their GPU specifications in the open! Right now you can download M56 and RV630 register reference guides for free with no Non-Disclosure Agreement (over 900 pages in total so far). More documents will be delivered shortly."Finally AMD/ATI have opened up their specifications so that open source developers can create truly efficient drivers, without having to rely on proprietary solutions. This is another step along the way for Linux to have true "interoperability" and "plug and play" support, while still remaining free. Now, watch and see whether sales figures begin to slant towards ATI graphics cards as opposed to Nvidea. I would certainly choose an AMD/ATI solution now that I know it will work with my operating system of choice.

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