Monday, 17 September 2007

New Ipod Hash Cracked, Linux Supported Once Again

Less than two days after the announcement came that the new iPod used a new hashing algorithm that rendered all iPod clients other than iTunes useless, here is a new announcement by wtbw:
From #gtkpod today:
>okay guys
>i think we're done.
>let me code something just to check
>[30 minutes later] can i hear a fuck yeah?
>works for both mine and xamphears :>

In case this is too obscure, here is the general gist of things. The iPod has been cracked.

Did Apple really think that they could lock down the iPod that easily? Come on, remember CSS and more recently the HD-DVD/Blu-ray encryption schemes. As sockdemon says on Digg:

"Oh, when I said that 'iPods will never work with anything but iTunes' I was using the modern definition of 'never', you know, the one that means in a few hours. What I really said was 'Ipods will work on linux in the next few hours, don't panic or sensationalize'.

Now I'm really surprised that Apple tried to lock down their platform. Especially with Linux rapidly gaining momentum in the commercial space, is this a direct hit at Linux (possibly as an alternative to the Mac), or just another instance of monopolistic vendor lock-in? Something seems very familiar here (read: Microsoft).
Please, Apple, don't follow the path of "The Big M" by locking people in to your way of doing things. Look to the future - share.

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RBChallenger said...

I really wouldn't go so far as to say that Apple "fears Linux" and is taking steps to stomp on them or lock out users etc. The deal with Apple is this basically... anyone who uses Apple, will rarely convert to anything else. It has EVERYTHING Linux has and then some, M$... I cant really say anything other than ugh. I would put it this way, Linux is awesome, especially for those who do not want to go out and spend a fortune on an OS!!!

On the iPod note... hehe, had to know that wouldn't last long!!!

Richard Jones

David said...

Yeah, I agree that Mac is really great, especially the UI, it's just unfortunate that they can't really open things up like companies such as Canonical, Red Hat and Novell have shown to be successful.

(Switching channels:) Unfortunately, the iPod crack will most likely be illegal, just like DeCSS and the like. :(