Tuesday, 29 July 2008

BillsIQ - Find your IQ and learn at the same time

For_opportunitiesBills IQ is a very well done Financial IQ test which is both informative and even entertaining to some extent. The short questionarre only takes a few minutes to complete, and after that a screen will show you a summary of your IQ, and you have the option to continue the report and learn which factors you did and did not have a clear understanding of, along with practical advice on how to improve your knowledge of concepts such as Debt consolidation, Debt relief and Debt help.

According to this service, my IQ is 96% - much higher than the standard 87% for males in my demographic range. But even with this financial knowledge, there were a few areas where I didn't know much, and BillsIQ was able to provide a concise and helpful tip for improvement, and further resources for how to learn more.

I highly recommend you try out this service one day when you have some spare time. It's worth a go, just remember that they will advise you to try out their own services, so shop around before investing anything. But with the free report, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And please let me know your score - I'd love to see if you get more than 96%!
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