Monday, 7 July 2008

SocialSpark is great for Mommy bloggers!

SocialSpark says
We love mommy bloggers! Not only do you create great content, you also send us cookies and keep our bellies full :)
So it's nice to see that all you Mommy bloggers (or "Mummy" as we say here in Australia) are wanted. And SocialSpark is really a great place to earn a little extra income while still being able to stay at home and attend to the children. You could say that SocialSpark is a "work from home" site in a way.

This paid post service offers you (primarily) a paid task which you can accomplish in your own time. There's not need to rush - once your reservation for a post is accepted you have 12 hours to complete the post - so even if it becomes available just as you go to bed it will still be there in the morning for you to finish.

An average of 2 new qualified opportunies are added every day for me. This gives me a great chance to choose only opps which are actually relevant to my blog and lifestlye, increasing the quality of the posts as well as my enjoyment of the task. And if you're a social kind of person, you might like to check out the "Sparks", "props" and comment features available to help you better interact between advertisers, publishers, and any combination of the two.

So if you're looking for some extra cash, like blogging, or just have some time to kill it might be worth checking out SocialSpark. There's a place for everyone and especially Mommy bloggers are appreciated here in this welcoming community.
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