Wednesday, 30 July 2008

SEO and Cuil

Thought I'd just echo what has been going round the blogosphere with my own twist: Cuil (the new search engine from ex-Googlers) has not managed to optimise it's own SEO well enough - search for Cuil using Cuil and the search engine isn't in the top results! This is actually a good sign IMHO though, as it shows that they're not artificially skewing the results in their own favour. This would be very easy to do, although unethical. Personally I wish all the best to Cuil, but really they don't have a chance.


Raplh Software said...

How i can submit my site in cuil???

David said...

Hi raplh,

Unfortunately I don't know that there is a way to submit your sites to cuil at present - probably because they would be swamped with requests! However I'm hoping that they will discover any worthwhile and highly linked blogs fairly soon anyway.

I'm not sure of that though, as my PR5 blog isn't even indexed yet!