Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Green Cars

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hyundai. All opinions are 100% mine.

You've probably read about how Hyundai recently won the Global Green Challenge with their latest "ToughR" cars. Well they've now got their own Youtube channel, where you can check out videos of their prize-winning trip from Darwin to Adelaide.

Hyundai's Santa Fe R claimed the title of the biggest improvement in fuel efficiency, 5.1l/10km, against contenders including Ford, Holden and Suzuki. During the Eco challenge, contestants were allowed to implement standard fuel-saving techniques such as driving without air-conditioning, despite high mid-Australian temperatures. Most also did the trip at average speeds of 75km/h which is well under the normal speed for the Stuart Highway of 130km/h in the Northern Territory and 100km/h in South Australia.

Hyundai is setting the standard in an increasingly competitive market for fuel-efficient, low-carbon "green" cars. Their Youtube videos are certainly worth checking out. They are presented in an semi-comedy style, very easy to watch and present some interesting and useful information about the challenges this competition presented.

There were also some other prizes awarded for the Global Green Challenge, based on different metrics:
On fuel efficiency improvement: 1 HSV Maloo 48.7 per cent improvement, 7.74l/100km average, official fuel rating 15.1l/100km; 2 Ford XR6 turbo Falcon  39.8%, 7.04l/100km, 11.7l/10km; 3 Skoda Superb 33.5%, 4.59l/100km, 6.9l/100km

On actual fuel consumption:  1 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 3.13l/100km, 2 Mini D 3.42l/100km, 3 Mini D 3.49l/100km.

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