Monday, 4 January 2010

How to reset a Deliberant AP to Factory Defaults (CPE 2n)

From the manual available at the Deliberant Support Site:

Resetting to Factory Defaults
Deliberant products have the capability of being reset to defaults by pinging the device with a certain
packet size when the radio is booting.
During the startup of the device, when the drivers of the ethernet interfaces are loaded, the discovery
daemon is started. The daemon suspends startup process for 3 seconds and waits for ICMP "echo
request" packet of length 369 bytes. If the packet received, the discoveryd resets the device to default
Steps to reset to default settings:
Step 1. Power off the device.
Step 2. Obtain the device MAC address.
Step 3. Connect a PC to the same physical subnet as the device.
Step 4. Execute 'arp -s' command to assign the IP address (IP address should be from the same
subnet as PC) to the device MAC address:
      arp -s [ip address to assign] [device address]
Step 5. Start pinging the device:
  For linux users:
      ping [ip address] -s 369
  For Windows users:
      ping [ip address] -l 369 -t -w 0.2
Step 6. Power up device and wait about 30sec or more (depends from device hardware).

I tested these steps with Deliberant AP Solo, Duo & CPE 2-N. Sometimes it takes a long time, but eventually will work.


Dodie Satriani said...


i try to reset deliberant 5M with this step, but i can't success with this step.

whether on step 1 to step 5 the radio in power off condition? n then, after ping left 30 minutes, do i have to restart the radio? because during i ping (step 5) n step 6, i can't ping ip default radio (

thx for attention

Dodie Satriani said...

sorry i mean 30 seconds

David Webb said...

The radio should be powered off until you turn it on at step 6. This will only work though if you are plugged into a switch. If you're plugged directly into the radio, you can't use this method because the network interface goes down when the radio is turned off.

So you need the radio plugged into a switch/router, and your computer plugged into the same switch.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add to this as this process was frustrating.

The default of the access point does indeed become after performing reset - what one must do to communicate to the AP after performing a reset, is set the IP address of their ethernet connection to 192.168.2.xx (say, 22)

this is done, in windows, by going to start, control panel, network and sharing center, click the 'blue letters' of 'local area connection' for the applicable ethernet connection, which brings up local area connection status
then click 'properties' , then click 'internet protocol version 4 (TCP/ipv4) and click 'properties', click 'use the following ip address' and enter in the ip mentioned above , eg
subnet mask: - you can leave default gateway blank

then after hitting 'ok' and exitting out of all the pop up windows, navigate to via browser. defaults for the access point are admin/admin01