Thursday, 28 January 2010

Reseting a LigoWave Radio to Factory Defaults Using a Ping

Reseting a LigoWave Radio to Factory Defaults Using a Ping
It is possible to perform a factory reset of a LigoWave radio using a ping when you follow the instructions below.
The steps are:

  1. Obtain the Ethernet port MAC address
  1. Create a static arp entry for the Ethernet port MAC address on the same subnet you are on. For example your machine, and set radio at (radio Ethernet MAC 00-19-3B-00-06-4A)
    1. arp –s 00-19-3B-00-06-4A
    2. you can confirm this entry is in place by looking at your arp table
      arp -a (the static arp entry should exist)
  1. Restart the radio
  1. Send a 40 pings to the radio static arp entry ip address with 369 bytes and every 200ms (ping needs to be started as soon as you restart the radio). 
    1. ping –l 369 –w .2 –n 40
  1. The unit should restart using the factory defaults
  1. Remove the static arp entry
    1. arp –d


The important thing is to make sure the –w switch is used to increase the ping speed and that you are using the Ethernet MAC address, not the bridge MAC address that is seen you ping it normally.  The bridge MAC address is from the radio, and it will not respond during boot and the reset will not work.  I have put in 40 pings, as you should not send too many, -t, as if you don’t stop the pings in time you will get into a loop.  40 pings looks good from my testing.  


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