Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Google Adsense Video Ads go Worldwide

When I logged into my Adsense control panel today, I felt an urge to experiment with some new ads. As it turns out, that was a great idea, because I discovered a new option in my Setup tab - Youtube Video Ads.

Google released Video units some time ago, but only for US publishers. I was pretty disappointed at the time, as I live in Australia and was therefore denied access to the network. It seems they've now expanded Adsense for Video to the world though - today I successfully linked my YouTube and Adsense accounts and started publishing video ads.

Here is a sample Adsense for Video unit:
As you can see, the Adsense portion is shown at the top (or overlayed on the video), while user-selectable content (via keyword selection or channel targeting) is playable as normal below. Right now I'm experimenting with the options, and I'll try and post some more info as it comes in.

If you're a non-US Adsense publisher, you might want to log in to your Adsense account today - do you have Adsense for Video yet?

Update: Apparently this is breaking news - nobody else seems to have blogged about it yet! If you want, you can Digg the post.


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