Thursday, 29 May 2008

Web Hosting Choice

Choosing a web host is a very difficult decision now-days. There are so many hosts out there, it's nearly impossible to decide which one is best. And even worse, most web hosts promote themselves so that it's hard to tell whether you've got an unbiased opinion or not.

So how do you begin to sift through all the web hosting providers? This is where Web Hosting Choice comes in handy. Web Hosting Choice provides an unbiased, and comprehensive list of some of the top web hosting sites available. An easy table compares features, and a link is presented to the details page for each one.

This site is supported by sponsored links. Each web hosting site featured pays Web Hosting Choice for any paying customers sent from their page. You might think this presents an issue, but really it doesn't - no matter which web host you choose, Web Hosting Choice will get paid! If you are really unsure of the details, you can always check what is shown in the tables with the host's website. All the details are easily obtainable, Web Hosting Choice just aggregates all the information in one place.

Web Hosting Choice is certainly a worthwhile service if you're looking for a quick and easy start on choosing a web host. Just remember, there are more options, so if you're not happy with the ones listed, google some more!

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Anonymous said...

Yours is the first Blogger blog I have seen having a comment form attached on the post page. Its really nice and easy for commenting.

David said...

Glad you liked it. I was envious of the Wordpress comments below post, so I really thought this was a great add-on. And the code's quite easy too!

What do you think of my PPP posting? Is it too "advertisey"? I tried to only write what was actually true, but I'd like to know what the viewers think of it.



Blogger said...

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