Saturday, 3 May 2008

Google discriminating - Google only wants girl geeks?

Official Google Australia Blog: Calling all geek girls
I noticed, when searching for job opportunities with Google recently, that two scholarships are available in Australia - but they are both for women only. There is the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, which was established "to honour the legacy of Anita Borg and her efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in computer science and technology," and the Global Community Scholarship for the Grace Hopper Conference.

Now I don't have anything against helping women into technology, and I think it is important to have women in key positions in this industry, but it is dissapointing for me to see that any men who might need some help are left stranded. Today we're seeing too much "reverse-discrimination", where not only are the women given a "fair go", but they're even given more of a go than the men. I think it's time to level the field a bit, and give everyone an equal oppurtunity. Helping girls get into IT is a great idea, and we should see more of it, but without ignoring the guys either.


Davidlind said...

Hi David. I didn't even know you had a tech blog until seeing it in Blog Catalog. Cool.

You are right about this. Reverse discrimination is not any better than the other. Why is it so hard for people to get it right?

And two wrongs don't make a right for that matter.

David said...

Yeah, I haven't been publicising this blog very much, as I don't get to spend much time on it. Recently I've had a go at putting posts up again, but still my earlier posts are a lot better!

I'm glad to hear that you feel the same way as me here. I'm not sure what's happening in America, but I know in Australia this is a real issue. Thanks for your feedback.