Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cisco Training

Cisco SystemsImage via WikipediaAs a young IT professional I never really had a Cisco certification, although I have always wanted to give it a go. Cisco is a rapidly expanding sector of the IT business, which is itself rapidly expanding, so it shouldn't present any problems as far as work opportunities go. So now I'm seriously considering getting some kind of Cisco certification.

So far most of my experience has been in the Internet area, with both HTML/Java programming and Network infrastructure, so Cisco will certainly be a good area for me to move forward into. The infrastructure is actually very well supported, and there is no lack of companies using it. The IP Networking looks like a good starting point for me, and should give a good solid founding in core Web technologies for a business environment.

Hopefully this training will provide me with a good founding in searching for career opportunities. From what I've seen, it should put me in good standing with a good many local companies, and is a widely recognised certification option. In terms of advancing my personal career this should go well.

In terms of training I believe this will be a useful option as well. The training programs appear to be vigorous enough for my liking, and there's not much trouble with too little workload.

Does anyone have some useful experience with Cisco training that you would like to share with me and the readers of this blog? Just post a comment and I'll update this post with the details.
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Dave said...

My I humbly put in a crass commercial plug here and suggest that you check out our CIsco training. Here is the link:

Squirly Black said...

Well, networking is not that close to html or java (except if you worked with Java for writing applications to allow interconnecting servers and clients), but I am sure it’s better paid than web development. That is if you get you certifications and acquire a lot of experience. The part of certifications Is made easy by Cisco through the training programs offered online (if you don’t like to get out of you bed) or at their facilities throughout the world. This just leaves you to consider in which domain of the networking business you want to go and work hard to achieve what you want.

David said...

Hi dave,

Thanks for your suggestion. Commercial plugs are fine so long as they offer value on this blog! :) I'll check out your suggestion and get back soon.


David said...

Hi squirly black,

Thanks for your great advice, it's certainly going to be taken into consideration with my decisions. It's a big help to get advice from someone else, so thanks again.

Sounds like networking is the way I want to go, it's just a matter of adapting to the technology.