Thursday, 12 June 2008

An interesting Idea

Pressed4Time is an intriguing new dry cleaning company offering franchise opportunities right now. What's unique about this company is that they don't just dry clean. They dry clean on the road.

To tell the truth, I had never even thought of mobile dry cleaning. But now that I've seen Pressed4Time, it sounds like a great idea. With the on-demand nature of today's culture, this business could really take off.

Here's some info straight off the Pressed4Time website:
Established in 1987, we are an international company with an outstanding track record and a rich future. As the largest company of its kind, we operate 170 franchises in 33 states and Canada.
Obviously they're not really such a small company. Covering two countries and 33 states already, the business has a proven success story. Pressed4Time was named “one of the Best Franchise Buys Under $100,000” by National Employment Weekly. And I believe them. I'm not a dry cleaner myself, but it certainly sounds like a good idea.

So what do you get for investment in Pressed4Time? Firstly, a low-cost incentive based royalty structure.
You remit 6% of gross revenue up to $20,000 per month. For monthly gross revenue in excess of $20,000, your royalty is 3% regardless of the number of vans your franchise operates.
So if you make over $20,000 per month you get decreased royalties, in turn boosting your business. Nice move. Plus, you get training to help you out in the wild.
Travel to our Home Office in Massachusetts where you’ll spend time on the road with an experienced Pressed4Time franchisee and several days in the classroom for formal training;
In addition to this training you also receive manuals and continued assistance throughout your business's life.

If you want to request more information about Pressed4Time franchise opportunities, or just check out the whole idea, visit the Pressed4Time website. If you're looking for an investment in the dry cleaning area, Pressed4Time could be a good idea. With a large established franchise base and intensive training programs, you'll certainly be off to a good start.

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