Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mozilla Firefox - The Browser (tm)

Mozilla FirefoxImage via WikipediaMozilla Firefox has become a legendary success story in the history of computing. Over 39% of people use Firefox according to W3 stats. Never since Internet Explorer was bundled with PCs has the world seen a single web browser become so widely used in such a short period of time. So what makes this browser such a success? Here are some of the best features of this award-winning browser (although I advise you start your Mozilla Firefox download now so that it can be ready by the time you finish reading :-):
  • One-Click bookmarking
    Don't you hate it when you bookmark something and immediately have to type in details about it or click OK? Well, your troubles are now gone. Just click the "star" once to add a quick bookmark. Click it again to edit the details.
  • Increased browsing speed
    Did you know that Firefox is one of the fastest web browsers around? I run Firefox on Windows Vista and it runs like lightning. Not that Vista's fast. :)
  • Platform native look and feel
    This is specific to the new Firefox 3. Run it on a Mac and it looks like Safari. On Vista, and it mimics IE7. Perfect for those aesthetic-freaks.
Besides these there are also a heap of cool features, including tabbed browsing session restore, an smarter integrated Google Search, a popup blocker that blocks the right sort of popups, solid protection from spyware and adware, automatic security updates, real privacy protection, and most importantly, an enhanced Internet browsing experience.

So why are you still browsing this with IE? Download Mozilla Firefox today!


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