Thursday, 12 June 2008

MindBody Management Software

According to the website, MindBody online offers "Business Management Software for the Personal Service Market such as Yoga studios, Hair Salons, Spas, Health clubs, Martial Arts dojo, etc.". This sort of business is becoming popular nowdays, but there aren't many software programs specifically targeted at this market.

Mindbody offers help in three distinct business areas:
  1. Business Management Software
  2. Web scheduling and e-commerce
  3. Strategic Marketing and Education
This makes the product especially useful as Appointment Scheduling Software, Hair Salon Management Software or Spa Management Software.

In terms of business management, Mindbody helps in many areas, including keeping your schedule accessible to clients and staff, client information tracking and staff management. But many generic software packages can do that. One of the best things about this software, is that Mindbody also provides the capability to keep your business open 24/7 - online. Through the integrated online store and scheduler, clients can register for appointments or even buy products!

Even better, Mindbody not only helps you improve the business you already have, but gives you the marketing tools that you need so that you can run your business and build your business - simultaneously. Tools are available to analyze client activities and create reports based on customer needs. You are also provided with tools to manage email marketing.

Overall, Mindbody is a solid product with a rapidly expanding market. The company provides not only this software, but also tracking data integrated with their tools, for the perfect store management solution. Check it out - Mindbody just might be for you.

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