Sunday, 29 June 2008


Time is of the essence. With computers this is especially true, and as all IT enthusiasts (otherwise known as "geeks") will know, the computer can gobble up literally your entire day. But how much is really necessary to get done what you have to get done. The answer might surprise you.

Just think, for a start, how much time to you spend on Facebook (or MySpace)? For me, maybe 1 hour per day, and most of you will spend more. Then what about blogging. For me, about 2 hours. Then add another 1/2 hour for checking the news, and 1 hour for emails, you're looking at 4 1/2 hours spent online each day! That's over a quarter of the daylight hours! And of course, all this estimate is ignoring the time spent playing games and watching TV.

And they wonder why we are getting obese.....

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