Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Web Hosting Ratings

I'm currently looking for the best choice in custom hosting for my blogs. The articles at Web Hosting Rating has helped enormously for me to learn the details of web hosting. From choosing the cheapest web host to learning how to manage a domain with cpanel tutorials, this site has it all. There are a few articles for each category, which helped me to choose between various options. I found the Scripting tutorials particularly relevant - I've never seen a good review of the three major scripting languages side by side before. (From this review I've chosen PHP).

If you're looking for information about web hosting, or even just curious about some terminology used, I encourage you to check out Web Hosting Rating. They're working on a redesign of the site, and although I think the old look is alright the new one is better. And please tell me about your experiences with web hosts - just leave a comment, it only takes a few seconds!


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